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Attic Conversions Meath And Dublin

How to overcome the Obstacles

Many households are faced with a situation wherein they need more space due to a growing family; however, house expansion is ruled out because of the cost. If you need an extra bedroom, look up! Your attic is waiting to be converted into an additional bedroom for the family. But wait, call attic conversions Dublin first before making a decision to determine whether your attic is an ideal candidate for conversion.

Why is there a need for attic conversions Dublin?

It is important to check the structural integrity of your attic whether it can stand the additional weight of people, furniture and fixtures. There is usually plenty of room in the attic but if the home builder has constructed the attic using the common truss system that utilizes 2 by 4’s, the trusses have to be modified but it will require a lot of work and money. On the other hand, if the rafters form an A-shape to support the roof with open space underneath the rafter, it is possible to have that extra bedroom but the Attic Conversions Dublin team are in a better position to pass judgment. There are other factors that have to be considered so that the home improvement will be cost effective.

Factors that will affect the costs of attic conversion

-        How will you go up and down the attic bedroom? Of course you need a sturdy stairway. If there is an existing stairway, it could be enlarged, however, it will affect the spaces below. A spiral stairway is a better option because it will only take about 5 feet of space compared to a straight-run stairway that needs about 10 to 14 feet in space.

-        If the attic will be used as a bedroom, it will require windows for proper ventilation. Building codes also require egress from a window or an escape ladder in case of emergencies like fire. Hiring Attic Conversions dublin and Meath will ensure that your attic bedroom will comply with building codes. 

-        Building codes also require a certain height for headroom. Generally it is 7 feet and 8 inches high over a minimum floor area of 70 square feet. If the measurements are less than that, you won’t be able to convert the attic into living space.

-        You will likely require an HVAC specialist to provide cooling and heating to the attic. Ducts will require rerouting and it is also important to see to installation of insulations. Attic Conversions also include electricians to determine the electrical requirements of the attic.

-        If the space in the attic is adequate enough to accommodate a bedroom with its own private bath, you will require a plumber to assess the needs for piping. A good trick is to install the bathroom above another bathroom to reduce costs.

There are other obstacles like vents and chimneys that are frequently located in the attic. Your creativity will be tested on how you can hide them behind cabinets and furniture. Paint or wallpaper will considerably improve the attic and it maximizes its living potential.  

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