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Attic Conversions Meath

Why Converting the Attic is a Good Idea.

If the attic is to be converted into an extra bedroom, will it add value to the property? According to experts, a loft conversion can increase the value of a property by an average of about £20,876 if the homeowner made an investment of £10,000. However, the increase in value will be affected by the property prices in your area and whether loft conversion was carried in compliance with building regulations. If the improvement was professionally done through Attic Conversions Meath, it is very likely that the extra room will make the property more attractive to home buyers.

Important tips when converting your attic into a living space

  1. Attics are not built equal. There are attics that can be potential candidates for conversions if they are big enough to serve the purpose of a room. If the attic is not of adequate height or if it lacks floor space, there is no point in spending for a conversion. It makes sense to consult Attic Conversions Meath because they have the experience and they are knowledgeable on the requirements of building codes.
  2. Even if the loft conversion is an internal improvement, you need to have planning permission from the local authorities. The conversion can only add value to a property if a permit has been provided otherwise you are making a costly error.
  3. Loft conversions may seem easy but it is actually complicated because you have to consider ventilation, electrical installations, heating and cooling, windows, stairways and obstacles like chimneys and vents. A better option is to call on professional Attic Conversions Meath to ensure that the complicated transformation will be done properly.
  4. Is there access to the attic besides the folding stairs? Building codes require a sturdy permanent stairway. Aside from the cost of constructing a stairway, you have to consider its effect on the room below. Straight run stairways are easier to construct but they take up a lot of room.  If you are short on space, the stairway can be a big problem.
  5. Is the floor strong enough to handle the extra weight of people and furniture? In some cases, reinforcement may be necessary but you also have to consider that if you beef up the floor framing, it might reduce the height of the ceiling.

Advantages of converting the attic

Aside from the increase in the value of your property, the loft can be rented to have an additional source of income. It can be transformed into the master bedroom or it can be used as children’s room. The kids will certainly appreciate the privacy. Loft conversions do not require a sizeable investment because the base structure is already present. You may be required to add reinforcements, windows and a stairway but it can be offset by the ROI of additional living space. Maintenance costs of attics are minimal because there is usually no reason for repairs and replacements since all the utilities operate from the main house. 

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